Mowers Releases Second TV Ad of Campaign

Today, Matt Mowers, former State Department Official and Candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District released the second television ad of his campaign titled, “Mowers Ahead.”

Mowers released the following statement: 

“Granite Staters are paying more than ever at the pump because of Joe Biden and Chris Pappas’ war on American energy independence,” said Mowers. “Instead of trying to tackle the inflation crisis crippling New Hampshire families, Biden and Pappas continue to spend our country into a recession. We need new leaders who will stand for New Hampshire families and fight back against the Biden Administration.”


VO: Mowers ahead? No, Mowers ahead!

VO: Republican Matt Mowers for Congress. Taking on Joe Biden, inflation, and record gas prices.

VO: Tired of Biden and Pappas? 

VO: Mowers Ahead! 

MM: I’m Matt Mowers and I approve this message. 

Matt Mowers is a former State Department official and the 2020 Republican nominee for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District. He and his wife Cassie are raising their son in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Since launching his campaign last August, Matt has shattered every fundraising record for a Republican congressional candidate in New Hampshire history. Mowers has been endorsed by five New Hampshire state senators, 28 state representatives, two county sheriffs, the Manchester Association of Police Supervisors, the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association, and numerous key county elected officials and activists

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