Mowers Challenges Pappas to Immigration Debate

New Hampshire Latino Caucus
105 N. State Street
Concord, NH 03301
CC: Congressman Chris Pappas, Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Members of the New Hampshire Latino Caucus, 
I am writing to follow up on your request for a town-hall style event with our flip-flopping Congressman Chris Pappas over his dismal attempts to cover up how his previous actions precipitated the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. 
I’d like to propose that we make the event a full debate – between Chris ‘Open Borders’ Pappas and myself. Congressman Pappas will receive this invitation – we’ll also send one to Speaker Nancy Pelosi so she can give her favorite puppet permission to participate. 
Chris Pappas has fought to end President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, called the border wall “a bumper sticker slogan,” and promoted soft-on-crime policies that have emboldened cartels and human traffickers. Now, record amounts of illicit drugs and illegal immigrants cross our southern border unchallenged. Countless families across New Hampshire are suffering the consequences of these open border policies, yet Pappas continues to ignore the issue.
The crisis at our southern border will only worsen due to the Biden administration’s plans to reverse Title 42. Per usual, instead of providing any real solution, Pappas panders to the political moment with empty words and false promises.
It’s time to finish the wall. It’s time to stop catch and release. It’s time that America stopped the illegals crossing the border at record rates. It’s time to shut down the flow of illicit drugs that cartels and gangs bring into our country daily. It’s beyond time to secure our border. 
Enough is enough. This is a crisis of Congressman Pappas’ creation and Granite Staters deserve to hear from him directly on the issue – not empty words from a press release. 
I won’t hold my breath for the Congressman to stop hiding behind Pelosi’s millions of dollars worth of corporate-funded television ads – but I am willing to debate Congressman Pappas over his dangerous border policies at any time and place. 
God Bless,

Matt Mowers

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