Pappas Reverses Position on Stock Trades Following Protests

MANCHESTER – As incumbent Democrats look for new ways to navigate an increasingly difficult political environment in the upcoming midterms, a new effort to ban Members of Congress from trading stocks has emerged as a new headache for embattled incumbents.

Democrat Chris Pappas, for example, sent an email this week touting his recent support for the measure:

Pappas Campaign Email, Retrieved February 21, 2022

Notably, his change of heart occurred not only after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – with whom he maintains a 99% voting record – signaled her approval for the legislation, but also after supporters of Republican challenger Matt Mowers gathered outside of his Manchester office to demand action.

FACEBOOK: Republican Matt Mowers with supporters outside of Rep. Chris Pappas’ office protesting the Congressman’s inaction congressional stock trades, January 28, 2022

Mowers, by contrast, had called for a stricter ban with harsher penalties as early as January. According to Breitbart News:

“While career politicians have made millions in office, everyday Americans struggle to get by,” Mowers continued. “Elected officials and their immediate family should be prohibited from owning or trading individual stocks — and all of their economic interests should be placed in a blind trust while they are in office. Mowers called for some of the strictest punishments for members of Congress who knowingly violate the policy, adding that he will help the people of New Hampshire when he is elected to Congress. “Any member of Congress found in violation of this policy should forfeit their salary and pay a 100 percent penalty on any profits made from the illegal trade,” Mowers added. “In Congress, I’ll put New Hampshire first and deliver real reforms that benefit middle-class families, not career politicians and the rest of the swamp elite.”

Mowers, who appears to be the first candidate to come out this strongly against members of Congress and their family members from trading stocks, was also the first candidate in the country in January 2020 to call for a travel ban from China before the country started to shut down.

Breitbart News
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